A River Safari

Sunset Cruise

In the later afternoon, enjoy a leisurely sundowner cruise up the Zambezi.
When the captain sees fit he will switch off the engine and let the boat drift quietly downstream passing the odd elephant, hippo or crocodile and an abundance of colourful bird life. The sunsets are particularly beautiful during the drier months.
Enjoy the snacks and drinks provided. It is wise to take a jersey or anorak as an evening breeze can be chilly. Don’t forget your camera and binoculars too. The trip arrives back at The Club just after sunset!

*(This activity is included in all rates).

Bird Lover's Paradise

People travel to Africa from all over the world to see the Schalow’s Loerie and the African Finfoot, both of which are resident at The River Club.

Other birds in the area are the African Skimmer whilst the Taita Falcon and Black Eagle can be found in the gorges below the Victoria Falls.