Kids @ The Club

The River Club is an ideal destination for families with children aged 6 years and older. Set on a 50 acre secure property with sprawling gardens, the lodge provides the perfect setting for young ones to run around in and explore.

Young guests receive a “Kids at the Club” adventure bag on arrival, including a booklet featuring activities to complete and an insect catch and release kit. Under the supervision of parents, children have the opportunity to build their own raft with a raft building kit (featuring eco materials such as driftwood, rope and fabric for a sail). The adventure kit aims to get children outdoors and to appreciate the nature around them.

Activities Include:

  • Build a raft with The River Club raft building kit
  • Sunset cruise and fishing tag-and-release from the deck of the boat
  • Insect and butterfly capture-and-release net
  • Birding and insect safaris
  • Visit the local village and school
  • Chef’s cooking/ baking lessons – baking cookies in the shape of boats, fish and wild animals
  • Guide quiz, certification and prize giving

 Kids @ The Club fact sheet